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Builder's Choice Design Awards Frequently Asked Questions


Did the Builder's Choice & Custom Home Design Awards (BCCHDA) program get renamed?

Yes, the team decided to shorten Builder's Choice & Custom Home Design Awards to just Builder's Choice Design Awards. Everything else remains the same.


I registered with this online registration form last year for the Builder’s Choice Design Awards. Can I use the same login?

Yes, you can use the same login information you used to submit last year. If you forgot your password, please click ‘forgot password’ on the login page to have your password emailed to you. If you didn’t use this form last year or the employee who used it is no longer with the company, please create a new account.


I applied to the Remodeling Design Awards (RMDA) in previous years. Do I have to create a new account to enter the Builder’s Choice Design Awards?

Nope! RMDA and Builder's Choice use the same awards platform, so you can use the same login information you used to submit to the RMDA. If you forgot your password, please click ‘forgot password’ on the login page to have your password emailed to you. If you didn’t use this form or the employee who used it is no longer with the company, please create a new account.


My project has won a Builder's Choice and/or an RMDA award in the past. Can I submit that project for another award?

Unfortunately, no. No project can win an award twice. 


I've started an application and filled out all of the required fields, but I can't seem to find a place or button where I can upload supporting documents (including photos, floor plans, site plans, etc.). Where do I upload documents?

You have just completed the “Registration” round, which collects basic information. All of the project’s photos, plans, specs, and information will be submitted in the next round, which you will see after you complete checkout. REMEMBER: You must pay your entry fee before you will be able to upload supporting documents.


I have not received an email confirming my registration or submission.

Please check your spam folder and be sure to add digitalawards@zondahome.com to your email's whitelist.


Can I submit the same project for multiple categories?

Yes, you can nominate the same project for multiple categories. You will need to pay for and fill out separate submission forms for each entry.


Do you offer a discount if I were to submit a quantity of applications?

Yes! If you submit three or more entries, a 30% discount will be applied to your total purchase.


Why is the registration form asking me to pay before I submit any materials?

Your submissions must be paid for before you can enter the submission platform. Once you’ve paid, the registration form will automatically forward you to your submission form to complete your entry(ies).


What does each section of my dashboard mean?

  • In Progress - Application(s) you are currently working on
  • In Cart - Application(s) that you need to pay for in order to submit 
  • Complete - Finalized application(s)
  • Needs Attention - Application(s) you have not yet started
  • Expired - Application(s) that were not submitted before the submission deadline. Expired applications will not be considered for an award


I only registered one entry. Why is it saying I have one completed and one in progress?

For each entry, you'll have a registration and a submission. Once you complete the registration, it'll show a complete registration and a submission in progress for each entry. For example, when both sections are completed, the COMPLETE section of your dashboard will look like this:

How can I tell if I have fully submitted my application?

Both the registration and the submission materials section of your application will show up in the COMPLETE section of your dashboard (see above for example). PLEASE NOTE: In order to fully submit your application, you will need to go through the second payment wall at the end of the submission materials section.


Can I register and pay for my entry by the regular deadline of May 1, 2023 but upload my materials after that date?

Yes, but please know that if you submit all or part of your submission after 11:59 PM EST on May 1, you will need to pay the $50 late fee.


Where do I pay the late fee?

You will pay the late fee at the end of the submission materials section (ie - after you upload photos).


Is my late fee per project?



Can I get a refund on my submissions?

No refunds will be issued. Please review all eligibility guidelines and submission material requirements before registering your entry.


Can I begin my submission forms now, but finish them later?

Yes, scroll to the bottom of your application and hit SAVE. Please note that once you finalize and submit your application you will not be able to change it further.


I’m with a PR firm entering on behalf of a client. Whose information should I use?

When creating the entry, please use your (the PR firm’s) information ONLY for contact information, such as a name, email, and phone number. For all other information, such as company name or address, revert to your client’s information.


Do I have to mail any physical materials?

No. Do not mail any contents to our offices. Everything you need to submit can be submitted through the online submission platform.


Do submitted projects have to be located in the U.S.?

The Builder's Choice Design Awards are open to international projects.


Is the competition restricted to built projects only, or does it include under construction and/or unbuilt projects?

Builder's Choice only considers built projects that were completed within the last five years. Projects completed after January 1, 2018, are eligible for submission.


If our project is almost complete, will you accept high-quality renderings?

All project submissions require final photography to ensure that they are all judged on equal footing. We encourage you to submit the project for consideration next year.


Our floor plans and/or images are watermarked with our company logo, or contain captions. May we submit them this way?

Please remove the watermarks, including photo captions, before submitting, as the Builder's Choice Design Awards are judged blindly.

Is there a minimum or maximum number of images that must be submitted?

We require a minimum of five images. The maximum allowed is 20, including plans.


What is the ideal resolution for submitted photographs?

We prefer to receive images at 300dpi and no larger than 4,000 pixels wide or high.


Can I submit more than one image of the project in the same file?

No. Please do not combine more than one image in the same JPG file; upload single images only. Our judges want to be able to see your projects in as much detail as possible.


How will the project’s photographer be involved in the submission process?

Once a submission is complete, the photographer of the project will receive an email asking him or her to grant permission for use of the project images. This is called a “Letter of Recommendation” in our system, but all the photographer needs to do is type his or her name into the field.


Our photographer has not received a release to sign.

Please ask the photographer to check their spam folder if they have not received an email.


When will I hear back about my entry?

Winners will be notified in summer with more information about what happens next. If you haven’t been contacted by that time, unfortunately, that means your entry wasn’t chosen by the judges for an award.


When will the winners be announced?

The winners will be featured in BUILDER's September print issue. Plus, articles about each of the winners will appear online in the fall as well.


My question wasn’t listed here. Whom can I talk to?

Email us at sstrong@zondahome.com.